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Great Artist Sites

Jonathon Earl Bowser
Amy Brown
Clyde Caldwell
Tracy Cornett
Daniel Cortopassi
Meredith Dillman
Dee Dreslough
Ebon Dragon's Lair
Larry Elmore
Brian and Wendy Froud
Yaya Han
Incandescent Art
Kim Kaiser (aka Luna)
Christina L. Kester
April Lee
Carol Ochs
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Jeannette Randall
Sandra SanTara
Nene Thomas
Ruth Thompson
Paul Vincenti
Michael Whelan

A great resource for artists, art directors, Con chairs, and buyers.
The Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror/Space Art Shows yahoo group.

My other sites

Skymare online store of coolness
Faefire Art & Design
Kat's Say

Online Games

Meridian 59 is a great massively multiplayer rpg.
Secondhand Lands is a witty and fun fairytale mmorpg.

Cool Music Links!

A cool band Nine Inch Nails.
Another cool band Sister Machine Gun.

Online Comic sites

Looking for Group
Jolly Jack's Collected Curios
Penny Arcade
8-bit Theater
The DM of the Rings

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